Relocation Appraisal Specialist

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Relocation appraisal

Tom Linsin has been preparing relocation appraisals in the Kansas City market for over 20 years.  He personally prepares all relocation appraisals and has a long track record of accurate valuations.  

Relocation appraisals command the highest priority in our firm as we understand that "time is money" which is particularly true of an employee that is relocating to another city and is in need of a buy-out number to facilitate the purchase of their new home.  We will schedule an appointment with the transferee as quickly as is convenient for them.  Property research and sales/listings research will begin in advance of the appointment date which will assist in a quicker turnaround time overall.  The transferee's input with regard to sales and listings that they feel are pertinent to their property valuation are always welcome. 


Speed is emphasized with the relocation appraisal, but is still a secondary component to valuation accuracy which is our primary goal.  Tom has an exceptional reputation in this arena for providing accurate, high level valuation services.  We  subscribe to all available data services to ensure that the best available property data is included in his analysis.  This includes the Kansas City Data Service that is a local appraisal cooperative where top tier appraisers share data.  As in any analysis, the best data provides for the best results.  We also provide a high level of due dilligence that includes personal interviews with real estate agents that are involved in the sale transactions and competing listings that are being considered.   

Tom would be happy to visit with you personally if you have any additional questions about our relocation appraisal services.  We look forward to hearing from you.     



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