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Assessment Appeal Services


Thomas Linsin began his appraisal career in 1986 as an employee of the Johnson County Appraiser's Office which provides ad valorem assessments for every property in Johnson County, Kansas. He served at the county for five years. This experience as a District Appraiser and county representative at highest levels of the appeal process provides our firm with a rare and unique perspective as to the inner workings of property data collection, mass appraisal techniques, and the valuation appeal process.  Linsin & Associates has also been engaged by Johnson County to appraise homes on their behalf.  This speaks to our reputation and expertise for accurate and unbiased appraised values.   

As you are probably aware, most localities determine your property tax burden based on an ad valorem assessment of the property's value. Generally speaking, our local assessors do a remarkable job of assigning reasonable property values for a large number of diverse properties located throughout the Kansas City metro area. However, it is simply unavoidable that every year a percentage of properties will be over valued.  As a property owner, it is up to you to make an annual review of your property assessment to ensure that your property tax burden is appropriate. Because "market value" is the basis for the assessment process, you should keep apprised of recent sales from your neighborhood to personally gauge whether or not your property assessment is reasonable. A realtor who is familiar with your property might be a good source for this information, or one of many available public web sites such as Zillow.

If are concerned that your property is over assessed, we recommend attempting to resolve this with an informal hearing with your county appraiser. This is often completed over the phone at a time that is convenient for you. However, if an informal hearing is completed and you are still not satisfied with the results you might consider employing Linsin & Associates to assist you to provide an independent valuation.    

Please note that there are significant differences in utilizing appraisal services and those of a property tax consultant.  As an appraiser, we will perform our duties according to the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP).  In this capacity, you are commissioning an independent, third-party professional property appraisal. Although we are not functioning as an advocate in this capacity, these efforts can carry more weight with your taxing authority, particularly when utilizing a reputable firm like Linsin & Associates. Sometimes, a combination of consulting and appraisal services are recommended to correctly align your tax burden for this year and years to come. We can function as a consultant with regard to the review of your property information in comparison to that of the county record to determine if their information is accurate and what steps you might take to corrections in your property record information that would result in an assessment that is more reflective of your property value.  

In either capacity, your Linsin & Associates representative will provide you with professional services that range from property record card reviews to full property appraisals, and can include professional and persuasive testimony at appeal hearings. Please let us know how we can best assist you.






    We are happy to field your general queries regarding residential property valuation and the appeal process


 PROPERTY ASSESSMENT EVALUATION - $250 (for most properties)

  1. Complete a property inspection as we would to perform a typical appraisal.  This includes measuring the improvements for square footage calculations and documenting any adverse influences that should be taken into consideration by the assessor
  2. Review and report on any inaccuracies on between information obtained from the property inspection an that on the assessors Property Record Card
  3. Provide an outline as to any information that should be presented to the assessor for a more accurate assessment.
  4. Provide a sampling of comparable sales that we would consider if we were asked to appraise the property.

POPERTY APPRAISAL - $450 (for most properties)

  1. Complete a property inspection and prepare complete appraisal analysis reported on the General Purpose appraisal form
  2. Appraisal will document in writing and photo any physical deficiencies that the assessor should be taking into consideration 
  3. Review and report on any inaccuracies on between information obtained from the property inspection an that on the assessors Property Record Card

* The fee estimate is based on a moderately priced home located on a traditional size lot within a medium density area and will accomodate the great majority of properties


Regardless of what professional services you request, we will attend the hearing and present your appeal to the taxing authority providing an informed and persuasive advocate in support of our professional conclusions.   





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